10 Best Music Festivals in Miami

For most, Miami is synonymous with ‘party’ and ‘fun’ because of its spectacular festivals of all kinds. Miami is known for music festivals, costume parties, and parties hosted by the rich and famous from in and outside Miami. With a calendar full of festivals, here are the ten best music festivals in Miami that you shouldn’t miss.

Ultra Music Festival

For electronic dance music (EDM) lovers, the Ultra Miami Festival shouldn’t be missed. It is held every March of each year and is known to be the largest EDM festival in the world. Originally set As a celebration of up in Bayfront Park in Miami, this festival has evolved big time, hosting parties at different locations within Miami at the same time.
Ultra Music Festival also serves as an avenue for upcoming and new EDM artists to show off their talent and let EDM lovers hear their music. This party allows unlimited music, water, food, and drinks to be enjoyed by fans for three days.

Carnaval Festival

As a celebration of its culture, Miami holds an annual party every March and calls it Carnaval Festival. Carnaval Festival is held every March on one of its weekends. During the festival, locals and guests can enjoy local Miami music played live, local Miami cuisines, and Miami arts. Though it celebrates Miami’s culture, the selection of music, food, and art is not limited though, and some great international stuff is also on display.

Miami Jazz Festival

If you are into jazz music, add the South Beach Jaz Music Festival to your calendar. This event happens every January and is a 3-day long party. Have a taste of the different styles that jazz can be played. Want to hear Spanish or New Orleans jazz music? This is the best place to have it.

Calle Ocho Festival

Miami is known for its diversified population and culture and if you are into Latin music, the Calle Ocho Festival will surely satisfy you. This event happens in March on one of its Saturdays, so watch out for their specific schedule.
This block party allows multiple stages to be set up within the block. Each stage can feature different music, reggae, salsa, hip hop, jazz, and rap among others.

Winter Party

The Winter party is not just a party but is also a fundraising event. This is hosted by the LGBTQ community and yet it opens the party to everyone. It features live music with famous DJs playing it. The event is held every third month of the year in South Florida.

Okeechobee Festival

For a night of great music from known artists, the Okeechobee festival is a must on your list. It is the lollapalooza of South Florida and since its first festival in 2016, its always been a success for both the organizers, invited musicians, and fans. Among the guests invited to this event were Skrillex, Kendrick Lamar, George Clinton, and Usher.

9 Mile Festival

Also known as Marley Fest as it started as a tribute to Bob Marley’s son, 9 Mile is known for showcasing reggae music. This festival allows friendly competition between reggae lovers and during the festival, visitors, and locals are welcomed to give canned goods and other food items that are then given to charities in Jamaica and even within South Florida.

Tortuga Festival

Are you into country music? Don’t miss the Tortuga Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale and their classic and new lineup of pop singers. At this music festival, you can calm your soul with the music of Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, and Maren Morris.

Afro Roots Music Festival

Miami is a place for everyone, and they proved it with the Afro Roots Music Festival. This is one of the longest-running music festivals in the city, honoring African musicians and their music.

III Points

III Points is a music festival for electronic dance music lovers that is held in South Florida. It is also one of the most affordable festivals to see in the city. If you missed the biggest EDM festival which is Ultra, III Points will be a great option.

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