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Will there be a Miami Music Week 2021?

Miami music fest, also known as Miami music week or MMW, is an electronic dance music festival that is held every March of each year. It is held in Miami Florida. This event is often attended by hundreds of thousands of music enthusiasts. The first Miami music valley festival happened in March of 2011. According to news, this festival brings in up to $80 million in revenue for Miami every year.

MMW and How It Happens

This week-long event is a simultaneous event held across Miami. EMD parties are held in various locations such as poolside, bars, boats, and make-up venues. This powerful crowd-attracting event is extremely affected by the current pandemic. With the coronavirus pandemic, EDM music fans around the world must wonder if there will be a Miami Music Week 2021!

Unfortunately, the Miami Music Week 2021 has been canceled officially, and are hoping to finally have it again in 2022.

The Miami music fest was also canceled in 2020.

Miami Music Week

The Miami music valley festival is held in different locations within Miami such as Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, Little Haiti, and Wynwood. The biggest Miami music fest happened in 2015 wherein more than 1000 performers played on stage. That year, in one week, there were more than 260 events held as well.

To have more venues and events, hotels within the Miami area hosted pool parties for their guests during MMW. Big names in the hotel industry such as Dream, Gale, SLS, Raleigh, and Surfcomber all take part in this event. This event is indeed a surefire way to increase the number of hotel guests. Delano Hotel was the first hotel that catered to the MMW in 2011. After 5 years, Delano hotel hosted the event again.

More Than a Festival

The MMW is not just a typical music gathering where music and dance enthusiasts, musicians, and dancers drink and get merry. It is also a place where people reunite, celebrate, show their skills in dancing and music, and take a break. It also gives chance to aspiring EDM performers to be recognized and hopefully, get noticed by some producers.

Miami Music Week 2021

Despite the approval of coronavirus vaccines in the US and the number of people who got it, Miami and the entire country are still adamant to stop the spread of coronavirus. This led to the cancellation of the March 2021 MMW that was announced in January 2021. The 2021 MMW event was supposed to be held in Bayfront Park from March 26 to 28 of 2021.

According to the statement released by the organizers of the event, the event has to be canceled due to the current coronavirus pandemic considerations. They also reiterated the importance of everyone’s safety hence they are following all protocols, including cancellation of events that might lead to more coronavirus infection. They also assured all ticket holders that their concern about refund or possibly using it in the 2022 event will be taken care of.

 Hopefully, the 2022 MMW will push through with its tentative date of March 25 to 27.