Sponsors – New Miami Music Festival 2021-2022

While everyone is waiting for their dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, electronic dance music fans are waiting for their pulsating live EDM experience. This was after organizers of the biggest EDM festival in the world announced their cancellation of this year’s Miami Music Festival. This is the second year that the Miami Music Festival has been canceled.

Miami Music Festival showcases the biggest gathering of EDM fans around the world and if God is willing, the 2022 Miami Music Festival will be celebrating its 23rd year. The event started in 1999 in Beach Collin’s Park. From there, organizers of the said festival had to start scouting different locations every year because of its growing popularity. In 2017, a record-breaking 165,000 attendees came to Bayfront Park to attend that year’s festival.

Apparently, the cancellation of such huge gatherings doesn’t just affect the organizers, performers, and fans – it also affects other sectors such as the Miami concrete contractors who are often hired to build stage in each venue. In the last few years, the Miami Music Festival had been having simultaneous venues around Miami – so imagine how many stages are being built every year to cater to this event alone.

What Awaits Miami and EDM fans this 2022

Miami Music Festival has been cancelled for two years in a row due to the coronavirus pandemic. Ticketholders of the 2020-cancelled event were advised that they can use their ticket for the 2021 event. The 2021 event was also cancelled though. In an announcement, the organizers of the event said that they will be sending emails to all ticketholders regarding refund or reuse of their purchased ticket. Organizers are looking forward to a better and safer 2022 to be able to pursue a new Miami music festival.

Who Will be the Sponsors of the 2021-2022 festival?

To date, organizers of the Miami Music Festival haven’t issued any announcement yet regarding the 2021-2022 music festival. They are hoping to have one soon but can’t provide any information yet when it comes to potential lineup or sponsors. As we enter the third quarter of 2021, vaccination against coronavirus seems a little slow and if it continues and immunization herd isn’t met by the end of 2021, the chance for a Miami Music Festival might remain slim next year. 

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